Learning Curve

I have been looking for some time at a replacement for my Treeview Menu System.

Looking at VfpX I came across an interesting idea for an Office 2007 type Ribbon Menu.

Experimenting with this I liked the idea but the control did not appear to be far enough ahead in its design for me to work with it but showing it to the Client I am currently working with gave the immediate response of “I Like it” “Can I have it tomorrow”.

More research and I came across ArgCommandBars control by Alex Grigorjev. Downloading and running the trial showed it to be what I wanted but was it going to be easy to incorporate into my application. Showing this to a large group of my Clients Employees gave a resounding “Yes” to the idea and the Client was happy to pay for any learning curve and the initial cost of the control.

Experimentation showed that the learning curve was steep but some questions to Alex brought quick responses so I went ahead and purchased the control.

Firstly I went through the Faq’s on ArgCommandBars web page and watched the video produced by Andrew MacNeill.

I found it quite easy to use the “CommandBarManager Builder” and quickly produced a reasonable ribbon menu to demonstrate to my client.

Ideas were coming for improvements and I was eager to incorporate them.

More to follow soon, watch this space…