Idea 4 – Customising the form (title bar and background gradient)

After getting the Ribbon Working and opening some forms I noticed that the title bars on the new forms did not match the title bar of the application. How to get the titles to change. Finally thanks to some suggestions by Tracy Pearson and Dave Crozier on the ProFox lists

Example of the different Title Bars below:

Form with Windows title bar

I created a form class with images for the bar, the form icon and buttons for the Close, Zoom and Minimise Buttons,

These are adjusted in the resize event of the form.

Picture of Base Form Class below

Base Form Class

This.LockScreen = .T.

ThisForm.Image1.Width = ThisForm.Width

ThisForm.cmdClose.Left = ThisForm.Width - ThisForm.cmdClose.Width -1

With ThisForm.cmdZoom
	.Left = ThisForm.cmdClose.Left - .Width - 2
	.Top = ThisForm.cmdClose.Top

With ThisForm.cmdMinimize
	.Left = ThisForm.cmdZoom.Left - .Width - 2
	.Top = ThisForm.cmdClose.Top

ThisForm.imgFormIcon.Height = ThisForm.cmdClose.Height

With ThisForm.imgBottomBar
	.Top = ThisForm.image1.Top + ThisForm.Image1.Height
	.Left = ThisForm.image1.Left
	.Width = ThisForm.image1.Width

With ThisForm.imgDevider
	.Top = ThisForm.txtbtns1.Top - 11
	.Left = This.Left + 5
	.Width = This.Width - 10

With ThisForm.lblCaption
	.Left = ThisForm.imgFormIcon.Width + 2
	.Width = ThisForm.Width - (ThisForm.Width - This.cmdMinimize.Left) - .Left

This.SetTitleColour  && Code to change background of form.

This.LockScreen = .F.


I set the TitleBar Property off and ran the form.

Plain Size Form (No Graduated background)

Now I need to have the background reflect the Ribbon Theme. So after research downloaded VFP Imaging vcx from courtesy of <Cesar Chalom>

This gives a really good graduated theme to the background of your forms.

Size Form with Themed Title Bar

Initially I set up a timer to run code to check the theme in the Ribbon Bar every 10 milliseconds but this changed the cursor to an hour glass when you hovered over the form. After research I replaced this Idea with getting the Theme Changer to initiate the forms SetTitleColour method.

So SetTitleColour Code.

With Thisform.Image1

	If Type("frmMainForm.CBM") = "O"

		Do Case
			Case frmMainForm.CBM.ColorScheme = 0
				.Picture = '\\Path to images\BlueTitle1.bmp'
				This.lblCaption.ForeColor = Rgb(0,0,0)
				This.Gradbackground1.BackColor1 = Rgb(200,216,237)
				This.Gradbackground1.BackColor2 = Rgb(255,255,255)
			Case frmMainForm.CBM.ColorScheme = 1
				.Picture = '\\Path to images\BlackTitle2.bmp'
				This.lblCaption.ForeColor = Rgb(0,128,192)
				This.Gradbackground1.BackColor1 = Rgb(185,191,200)
				This.Gradbackground1.BackColor2 = Rgb(255,255,255)
			Case frmMainForm.CBM.ColorScheme = 2
				.Picture = '\\Path to images\AquaTitle1.bmp'
				This.lblCaption.ForeColor = Rgb(0,0,0)
				This.Gradbackground1.BackColor1 = Rgb(199,205,219)
				This.Gradbackground1.BackColor2 = Rgb(199,205,219)
			Case frmMainForm.CBM.ColorScheme = 3
				.Picture = '\\Path to images\SilverTitle3.bmp'
				This.lblCaption.ForeColor = Rgb(0,0,0)
				This.Gradbackground1.BackColor1 = Rgb(214,220,231)
				This.Gradbackground1.BackColor2 = Rgb(255,255,255)


		.Picture = '\\Path to images\bluetitle1.bmp'
		This.lblCaption.ForeColor = Rgb(0,0,0)



With Code in a new mainforms OfficeBar method (GetTheme) which is called by the CommandBarsManager method (onVisualThemeChanged) with ThisForm.GetTheme

GetTheme Code

Local lnCount As Number ,lcRunningForm As Character

For lnCount = 1 To _Screen.FormCount

	lcRunningForm = _Screen.Forms(lnCount).Caption

	If lcRunningForm <> _Screen.Caption

		&& Set Colour of Themes on Form