Welcome to our Command Bars Library support forum

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Welcome to our Command Bars Library support forum

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Welcome to the forum,

We have created this forum for Visual FoxPro developers using the Command Bars Library provided by ARG-Software Design Lab.

Before you start, or if you're wondering whether this forum is for you, we recommend you look at Using the CommandBars library (Andrew MacNeill's voice annotated screen show), which, along with a Knowledge Base can be found on the ARG-Software website.
Knowledge Base
The knowledge base section contains solutions, workarounds, and valuable information for our products. Here you will find answers to many frequently asked questions, "how-to" help and sample code.

Note: Additional articles available to existing customers with active (not expired) subscription(s).
Reference: http://www.arg.kirov.ru/support/kb.aspx - 18th July 2009
If you have any questions following this, we invite you to use these forums; all we ask is that you register prior to posting to reduce the risk of spam (to improve your overall experience and equally reduce the associated maintenance).

We look forward to meeting you soon,

Peter Hart Computers
in support of ARG-Software

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