ribbon bar bug

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paulo martins
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ribbon bar bug

Post by paulo martins »

If I run a form with ShowWindow=2 (As Top Level form) and with windowstate = 2 (maximized) the title bar appears misconfigured.
Try run frmribbon sample with this settings.

SO = Windows 7

Paulo Martins
ARG-Software Design Lab.
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Re: ribbon bar bug

Post by AlexG »

Actually, this is not my library bug, this is VFP bug. Forms (try it without my library) set in the designer as Top-Level and Maximized at run-time do not have semitransparent glass effect in Aero mode, they appear as in Basic mode. I didn't find a way how to fix this issue in my library but I have a solution you can use in the Init event of the form:

Code: Select all

Local lMaximized
lMaximized = .F.
If ThisForm.WindowState = 2
	ThisForm.WindowState = 0
	lMaximized = .T.

... all Init code goes here, including call to InitCommandBars method of CBM

If m.lMaximized
	ThisForm.Visible = .T.
	ThisForm.WindowState = 2
Or, one more solution: you can set WindowState to 0 (normal) in the designer, and set it to 2 (maximized) at run-time in the Activate event. Make sure you do that only once (when Activate event fires first time), and not each time the form activates.
With best regards,

Alex Grigorjev
(ARG-Software Design Lab.)
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Re: ribbon bar bug

Post by rickcardol »

I have the same problem, but I have the CommandBarsManager on the _Screen-object. The solution with the WindowState-property is not working with _Screen. Is there another way to display the ribbon correct in Vista and Windows 7. In Windows XP the ribbon is correct.

Edit: In the .exe the solution with the WindowState-property works well. The ribbin goes wrong when I start my application in the Vfp-IDE. It would be very nice if it is also working well in the IDE.
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