Ribbon control enabled !!

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Ribbon control enabled !!

Post by sgrappatore »

Hi guys,
I'm using ribbon control in my application but I've a problem.
I have a form (FORM_A) with ribbon control and other controls like grid, check, pageframes and commandbuttons.
If I click on a commandbutton (FORM_A.commandbutton) and launch another form (FORM_B.windowtype=1 "MODAL") , I can click on FORM"A".ribbon and make a disaster!
How to prevent this problem?
I try to set form_a.ribbon.enabled=.f. when launching FORM_B but not works.
Help me please!

Salvatore :|
ARG-Software Design Lab.
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Re: Ribbon control enabled !!

Post by AlexG »

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form_a.CBM.Enabled = .F.
Do Form form_b            && run modal form. Make sure it is Desktop form!
form_a.CBM.Enabled = .T.
With best regards,

Alex Grigorjev
(ARG-Software Design Lab.)
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