Various questions and problems...

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Various questions and problems...

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Hi Alex,

We've just bought the Commandbar library and are in the process of integrating the Ribbon into our application.
The way we're using it is to add the Ribbon and CommandBarsMananger to _screen and then create all the tabs, groups, controls etc at run-time - pretty much nothing is defined at design-time.

We've run into various problems and have various questions which I'm hoping you can help us with, I'm sure they're due to our lack of understanding of how things work :

1. we use a sub-class of your ribbon class, but have found that the builder doesn't allow the creation of tabs etc from this sub-class
2. if we set _screen.cbm.AttachToFrame = .T. then our VFP menu bar disappears, despite HideSysMenu being .F. (setting HideSysMenu seems to do nothing)
3. if we set _screen.cbm.AttachToFrame = .T. then we lose the ability to dock our existing toolbars, the "toolbar area" seems to disappear and our toolbars just end up floating
4. we can't set the picture on the OfficeMenu to our app's icon (or anything else); OfficeMenu.picture = _screen.icon and OfficeMenu.SetPicture(_screen.icon) don't seem to do anything
5. after initialising the ribbon we call CBM.InitCommandBars(); later, if we add a tab at run-time then we seem to have to call ribbon.InitControl(newtab) after the CreateTab() call so that the tab actually gets permanently created - is this correct?
6. the first time we call ribbon.InitControl(newtab) it fires the OnTabChanged event - should it do this?
7. ribbon.RemoveControl(mytab) doesn't actually remove the tab - what else do you need to call afterwards, or instead of, to remove just one tab?
8. do you intend to add the ability to allow the addition of custom controls to the ribbon and commandbars? We have many custom controls in our existing toolbars etc that we'd like to add into the ribbon and other commandbars and not all of them would be able to be converted into your built-in set of controls.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Paul Elliott
4Technology Ltd
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