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Submenu on Ribbon

Post by KoenP »

The MSOffice Ribbon has a special submenu UI. Any change you are implenting this in _argcommandbarsbase.vcx in the near future?
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Re: Submenu on Ribbon

Post by AlexG »

Set the ContextColor and ContextCaption properties of the RibbonTab.
For example:

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ThisForm.Ribbon.TabEdit.ContextColor = 2
ThisForm.Ribbon.TabEdit.ContextCaption = "TX Editor"
Use one of the following constants for the ContextColor value:

#define _RibbonTab_ContextColor_None 0
#define _RibbonTab_ContextColor_Blue 1
#define _RibbonTab_ContextColor_Yellow 2
#define _RibbonTab_ContextColor_Green 3
#define _RibbonTab_ContextColor_Red 4
#define _RibbonTab_ContextColor_Purple 5
#define _RibbonTab_ContextColor_Cyan 6
#define _RibbonTab_ContextColor_Orange 7
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