Top Level form kills Registerd Flag upon exit

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Top Level form kills Registerd Flag upon exit

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I just love this library and am in the process of converting all my forms and menus to command bars and Ribbons. I did encounter one problem that I thought strange. I have an email form that launches perfectly as a toplevel form and behaves correctly when calling other email top lebvel forms and interacting. However when I close the form and them relaunch it. I get the dreaded dialog box that thois product is registered to me everytime I click on a form within the email main form.

I follwed all the instructions in the readme text file including registering by merge. also used the public and key in the main prg at the very beginning ofthe app. What am I missing Here? Please help.
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Re: Top Level form kills Registerd Flag upon exit

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Set the KeepAlive property of the CBM object to True before call InitCommandBars() method:

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ThisForm.CBM.KeepAlive = .T.
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