Strange Object appears on Application Desktop

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Strange Object appears on Application Desktop

Post by Peter »

Although not necessarily a CommandBars Problem I have placed it her so that I can show pictures of the problem.

A couple of weeks ago I started to notice a strange object appear on my application desktop. I am not sure when the object may have started to be placed there for reaasons I will explain later. The image manifested itself as a small image about the size of 1/8th of a desktop icon. It always appeared at the same place and stayed there when the application was resized whereas the ribon above was resized. Also it appeared in the same place if the application was moved to another monitor or moved round the monitor screen.

Picture showing problem:
Image showing the problem.
Image showing the problem.
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When we decided that it was time to investigate. We first found that the imgage was that of the first icon in the Windows Explorer window we had open so that we could start the application by double clicking on the exe. I.e. If we changed the order of the icons different image appeared on the application desktop but if we change to detail view a small ammount of text appeared. We closed the Windows Explorer window and the image was of part of the blue background on the monitor desktop. We then tried changing the desktop and the image changed. We then tried reopening the application a few times with changes to the monitor desktop and it became apparent that the image changed and as we had not recompiled the exe it was not something compiled in.
It then occurred to me that I may not have noticed when the problem could have started to appear as I had been recompiling and then starting the exe whilst a blank (in the area of the image) Foxpro Desktop was showing.

Below a Windows Explorer window showing the FoxPro icon in the exact same place on the screen as the the image on the application desktop.
Image show FoxPro icon
Image show FoxPro icon
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Strange problem any ideas?
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Re: Strange Object appears on Application Desktop

Post by AlexG »

Looks like there is the Animation (or StaticImage) control from the Common Controls library, its Visible property set to True, but AVI (or image) file not assigned (not open).

Tip: set Visible property of the Animation and StaticImage controls to False, in case you wish to display animation(s) and/or icon(s) in the status bar.
With best regards,

Alex Grigorjev
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